Through community partnerships with professional filmmakers and film industry businesses, NMFR builds relationships that create workforce training opportunities for students. NMFR strongly believes that to learn, we must do the work on a job site— whether it’s a formal educational setting or an informal one. NMFR is dedicated to learners of all ages and committed to educating the next generations of filmmakers in New Mexico.
NMFR is able to meet its goals as a community non-profit by:

  • Creating partnerships with local professionals and businesses in the film and media industry.
  • Supporting “best practices” in education and the professional community that meet high ethical standards and sustainable practices.
  • Providing mentorship for emerging filmmakers in New Mexico by being a resource for training, networking and funding.
  • Investing in the future generation of filmmakers in New Mexico.
  • Awarding New Mexican filmmakers that lead in the field of environmental journalism and the creation of media in the fields of ecology, anthropology, social consciousness and ethical politics in New Mexico.

Seeking Friends that can make friends
At NMFR, community engagement is our mission. Our board members will be friends who support our mission. They are willing to make new friends and introduce those friends to NMFR. In the future, NMFR will need to raise funds, but our first efforts will be as an organization to build relationships in our community. NMFR is founded on the principal that to help our communities succeed, we must work together and use our combined skills and intelligence to be successful. We seek friends who would like to brag about NMFR and the work that we do. We strongly believe the more friends we make, the stronger we will be.

How funds are used
With our professional partnerships we produce, script, shoot, animate and edit small media projects. These projects are the backbone of NMFR and provide the hands-on experiences so important to our next generation of filmmakers. Funds brought into NMFR help buy current technology for local schools, provide stipend internships so students do not have to face financial hardship while they pursue their career goals and provide scholarships for higher education.
Working with Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), NMFR has formed a partnership for education that reaches into our local public and tribal schools. By partnering with SFCC’s professional filmmakers, students are provided valuable workforce experience. Currently 20 students are participating in NMFR productions in a variety jobs from production office, assistant producing, camera operation, lighting, and post-production to animation. NMFR recently partnered to make films with the Solace Crisis Treatment Center, State of New Mexico Department of Health, New Mexico Game and Fish and the SFCC GROW foundation.

How you can help?
We are looking for board members and friends of the New Mexico Film Resource. NMFR asks every board member to pay a fee of $500.00, which will be used to develop materials that help promote NMFR. If you are interested in volunteering, or helping us connect with the community and your network of friends, contact us!

NMFR currently meets on the main campus of Santa Fe Community College. Contact us for the next scheduled meeting.